Robyn Roth is a visual artist as well as a tattoo artist.  She graduated from NKU in the year 2000 recieving a bachelors degree in fine art. She draws and paints on skateboards, wood and paper using a mix of acrylic paint, pen and ink. Her body of work primarily focuses on human and animal relationships using anatomical imagery.  Robyn uses the title, Nomadical to showcase her art which is heavily inspired by the lifestyles and world views of indigenous people from all parts of the world.
Robyn has been working as a tattoo artist since 2007 in Northern Kentucky.  While Robyn enjoys doing many different styles of tattoos she is most attracted to designs that involve flora and fauna, sacred geometry and mandalas. Please contact Mothers Tattoo Studio in Covington KY at 859-261-8111 for more information about getting tattoo work by her.

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Robyn posts her most recent art and tattoo work on Instagram @nomadicaltattoo and on Facebook at