Information on consulting and booking tattoos with Robyn

If you are interested in having a tattoo created by me and are ready to start the process then please read the following.

BOOKS ARE OPEN!  Saturday appointments are CLOSED until further notice. 10AM-3PM Tuesday- Wednesday-Thursday and Friday bookings only.

My work schedule is 10AM to 3PM and I’ll usually have only one or two appointments a day. I start my day before the shop is open to the public so if you do not have an appointment then please do not visit the shop until regular business hours at 12pm. I rarely do walk-in tattoos because I have a high volume of clients so it’s always best to schedule an appointment if you want me to tattoo you. Tattoos under 3 hours are a set price per piece and will be quoted at your consultation or after the design is drawn up. Longer sitting tattoos that are over 3 hours and continued work of larger pieces are charged by an hourly rate of $200.00. I require a down payment of $100 for tattoos under 3 hours and a $200 down payment for anything that runs beyond 3 hours to do or takes multiple tattooing sessions to complete.

I only like to book my schedule about 3 months out so I will periodically close it until I get caught up on projects. I'll always inform you here or on social media sights like Instagram and Facebook on when my schedule is open for proposals. 

I like clients to email me ( their tattoo ideas so that I can determine if I am qualified to create what you are interested in.  I get many referrals which I am grateful for, but sometimes the styles that clients present to me are not tattoos that I can do. When you email me, a short message about the physical details you would like to see in your tattoo with a few reference photographs are fine to send. There is no need to tell me why you want the tattoo or any personal stories in the email, but you are welcome to share your stories with me when you are getting the tattoo done.  It might take a day or two for me to reply to you so please be patient if I do not immediately respond.  Once I've looked over your message I'll contact you on the next steps for booking. Please understand that I cannot price tattoos accurately through the internet and prefer to give estimates in person. 

I can tattoo a wide array of styles but I am most interested in floral and fauna designs (plants and animals), sacred geometry, mandalas, landscapes, ornamental designs, filigree, vintage, antique objects, insects, shells, fossils, skulls, anatomical imagery.  Color or black and grey designs, dot-work, etched look, whip or skip shading are some of my favorite techniques.

I do not tattoo photo realism so I’ll say no to portraits of people, however I do not mind animals or statues. My portfolio will show you what I’m capable of and I’m very honest about what I feel I can create for you.  

I can do cover-ups on some tattoo work, but I absolutely must see the tattoo in person to determine if I can cover it.

Adding on to another tattoo artists work is something I’ll have to look over and see if I feel I’m capable of making something good.  

No watercolor tattoos. This is any tattoo where you make it look like you splattered color all over it. 

No @dr_woo tattoos from Instagram. Nothing against @dr_woo but I am not him and do not tattoo like him. Please book with him if you want a tattoo to look like what he does. 

No flag tattoos. This pertains to the type of large scale flag tattoos that look like they are folded, or flowing across an arm, shoulder, back, etc. It's nothing personal I just do not enjoy tattooing them. 

I require all appointments to be made in person because I take a down payment that will go towards your tattoo session. This payment is non-refundable so please make sure you are truly ready to get a tattoo. Down payment price difference depends on the size of the piece you are getting. My hourly rate is $200 and I will price most large/ multi-session pieces by the hour. Tattoos that are under 3 hours to complete will be priced by the piece.

I might recommend a consultation in person if I need more details, like measuring the area where the tattoo will be placed or if emailing doesn't answer enough questions for me.  Consultations usually only take 10 to 20 minutes and do not require a down payment.

Once the appointment is set you will most likely not hear from me unless I need information from you that pertains to your tattoo. I have a high volume of clients so I draw all my appointments up a day or two and sometimes the day of the actual appointment date.

I will not be able to show you a design before your appointment date. People are often put off by this and say, "What if I hate it?" In my 11 years of experience I have never had a client dislike what I've presented to them and my designs usually take them beyond their expectations. If you like most of my portfolio then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. 

If anything should happen and you cannot get your tattoo please call Mothers Tattoo or email me and let me know ahead of time. I do understand that certain circumstances can happen in life that might interfere with you getting the tattoo when you want to.  I do not need to know the reason why you are canceling I just want you to tell me that you are canceling ahead of time so that I can find another customer to fill your spot. Please do not be the person that doesn't call, email or just not show up for your appointment! I have a strict policy for no showing appointments and will require you to book your new appointment in person and also pay for your new session in full at the time of booking without refund.   phone: 859-261-81111 email:

I take consultation bookings over the phone and sometimes over email. If you no show for your consultation I will not accept you as a client again. 

If you need to reschedule you can do this over the phone by calling Mothers Tattoo directly. You must reschedule your tattoo appointment within 3 months of your original appointment date or you will loose your down payment and have to make a new appointment with a new down payment. 

Mothers Tattoo, 617 Main Street Covington KY 41011   (I am at Mothers, Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm)

phone 859-261-8111

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